My Favorite Outdoor Item: Trekking Poles

What is your favorite item you love to bring for an outdoor adventure? (Not including your phone.) My favorite item is my trekking poles. It is my favorite thing to carry on the trail. If I could, I would walk with them around town. LOL. It can be one of the most convenient & bestContinue reading “My Favorite Outdoor Item: Trekking Poles”

Outdoor Safety: Satellite 2-Way Communicators + GPS

Do you get anxious without your phone or cell signal? Are you the type when you are not satisfied that you are safe enough? Add the outdoors to that; how would you feel? How do your loved ones feel? To ease the stress and anxiety, we purchased a two-way satellite communicator and GPS. It’s aContinue reading “Outdoor Safety: Satellite 2-Way Communicators + GPS”

Outdoor Safety: How To Talk to A Loved One About Your Trek

How would you tell your mom that you are quitting your job to become homeless for five months? I know in modern society, being dubbed a nomad is cool, hip, and welcoming. But when you have a BIPOC parent, being a nomad does not exist in my parents’ dictionary. It’s called quitting your job, neglectingContinue reading “Outdoor Safety: How To Talk to A Loved One About Your Trek”

Outdoor Safety: Tell Someone Where You are Going

Who loves independence? 🙋🏽‍♀️⠀ I love the freedom of grabbing my fanny pack and setting forth to do whatever I need to do. I don’t need to tell anyone where I am doing either. I’m a strong and independent female! *cues Destiny’s Child music* Whatever you do in your personal life, that’s great. I’m gladContinue reading “Outdoor Safety: Tell Someone Where You are Going”

Outdoor Safety: Planning the Route

How do you safely get from your home to the hiking the peak of that mountain? This is Part 3 of my Outdoor Safety Series. People do not Associate with Outdoor Safety: PlanningHere are a few essential planning tips, which are elaborated more in my blog. Plan Your Routes Before Leaving Your Home Know ExactlyContinue reading “Outdoor Safety: Planning the Route”

Outdoor Safety

Safety and the Outdoors. I dug myself into a black hole with this topic, but it is a good one! I will break it down into a mini-series according to the five essential tips. Biggest Takeaway: On my IG story (small sample), 76% claimed this is a conversation they have with loved ones. 50% ofContinue reading “Outdoor Safety”

Safety and Adventuring Alone

Are you outside by yourself? Do you get scared? What do you do to protect yourself? I receive these questions until this day. What is the reason I receive these questions from strangers on the trail? Is it because I am female, Latina, or do I like out of place, or vulnerable? My first tasteContinue reading “Safety and Adventuring Alone”