Yosemite National Park Day-Hike Guide During COVID19

Last weekend we went backpacking in Yosemite National Park, and we had a blast. This was my first time visiting Yosemite Valley, which I heard it is a zoo during regular hours. I wanted to provide tips and tricks how to access Yosemite National Park for a day-hike and backpacking. This is my day-use post.Continue reading “Yosemite National Park Day-Hike Guide During COVID19”

Car Camping Checklist

I am beyond thrilled to share my car camping interactive checklist. It is best viewed through adobe preview because you can type notes, digitally check anything off, save it, and print it. Additionally, I tried my best to separate items to bring into different categories. Hopefully, this will help you navigate what to bring, camping,Continue reading “Car Camping Checklist”

Writers Block

It has been more challenging to find the words and strength to write my blog, educating and encouraging POC to go outside and unplug. As a result, I have been reflecting more and talking more to friends and family as outlets. We need to heal. It is crucial. Nature is one of the best placesContinue reading “Writers Block”

Diversify The Outdoors

One of the things I talk about before starting our adventure (hiking/camping) is diversity. To follow up, on our hikes/camping trips, we pay close attention to see if there is diversity amongst hikers at the park. We rarely see any of our black brothers and sisters, thankfully the Latinx community is making more appearances, butContinue reading “Diversify The Outdoors”

Hiking Guide: Leave No Trace

Here is a hiking guide for the Leave No Trace mantra or hiking code, however you would like to think of it. t’s common to read it on signs, hear people mention it, or see it on social media. But what does it mean? There are several layers to it, and I wanted to provideContinue reading “Hiking Guide: Leave No Trace”

Day Hike Guide: The Essentials

Here is a day hike guide to the essentials for a 7-10 mile hike. I have seen the word essentials pop around, which is vague for the novice hiker; therefore, I wanted to create something for you! The first eight slides are what I consider essential. The last slide includes optional items depending on whatContinue reading “Day Hike Guide: The Essentials”

Day Hike Guide: Pick Your Goal

Bookmark this post or take a screenshot of this guide to consider before going on a day hike. Please pick your goal and go hiking with an intention. I want you to go on a hike and be successful. One factor is that it is important to decide the goal of your hike. Questions: AreContinue reading “Day Hike Guide: Pick Your Goal”

Day Hike Check-List

Bookmark this post or take of a screenshot of this generic list of things to consider before going on a day hike. GET YOUR HIKE ON Y’ALL! Be bold and healthy. Be free, get excited to breathe air, and stay hydrated to finish the hike. Think twice before walking out of your home. It isContinue reading “Day Hike Check-List”