Outdoor Safety: Satellite 2-Way Communicators + GPS

Do you get anxious without your phone or cell signal? Are you the type when you are not satisfied that you are safe enough? Add the outdoors to that; how would you feel? How do your loved ones feel? To ease the stress and anxiety, we purchased a two-way satellite communicator and GPS. It’s aContinue reading “Outdoor Safety: Satellite 2-Way Communicators + GPS”

Outdoor Safety: How To Talk to A Loved One About Your Trek

How would you tell your mom that you are quitting your job to become homeless for five months? I know in modern society, being dubbed a nomad is cool, hip, and welcoming. But when you have a BIPOC parent, being a nomad does not exist in my parents’ dictionary. It’s called quitting your job, neglectingContinue reading “Outdoor Safety: How To Talk to A Loved One About Your Trek”

Outdoor Safety: Tell Someone Where You are Going

Who loves independence? 🙋🏽‍♀️⠀ I love the freedom of grabbing my fanny pack and setting forth to do whatever I need to do. I don’t need to tell anyone where I am doing either. I’m a strong and independent female! *cues Destiny’s Child music* Whatever you do in your personal life, that’s great. I’m gladContinue reading “Outdoor Safety: Tell Someone Where You are Going”

Outdoor Safety: Planning the Route

How do you safely get from your home to the hiking the peak of that mountain? This is Part 3 of my Outdoor Safety Series. People do not Associate with Outdoor Safety: PlanningHere are a few essential planning tips, which are elaborated more in my blog. Plan Your Routes Before Leaving Your Home Know ExactlyContinue reading “Outdoor Safety: Planning the Route”

Outdoor Safety

Safety and the Outdoors. I dug myself into a black hole with this topic, but it is a good one! I will break it down into a mini-series according to the five essential tips. Biggest Takeaway: On my IG story (small sample), 76% claimed this is a conversation they have with loved ones. 50% ofContinue reading “Outdoor Safety”

Safety and Adventuring Alone

Are you outside by yourself? Do you get scared? What do you do to protect yourself? I receive these questions until this day. What is the reason I receive these questions from strangers on the trail? Is it because I am female, Latina, or do I like out of place, or vulnerable? My first tasteContinue reading “Safety and Adventuring Alone”