Fremont Peak State Park: Night Hike 1.2 miles

I chose this particular park since it was a local state park that offered camping that still offered plenty of Saturday camping spots. We visited here on July 4th since Big Sur Stat Park was closed. What a treat we had. “This park features expansive views of Monterey Bay, from its hiking trails in theContinue reading “Fremont Peak State Park: Night Hike 1.2 miles”

Conservation Tips

Who likes taking out the trash? For the majority, it feels like a chore. It has to be taken out. How do you expect others to feel when you accidentally lose your mask, toss out plastic water bottles to the side of the trail, grass, or road, lose tissue, snack wrappers, or orange peels. IContinue reading “Conservation Tips”

Yosemite National Park Day-Hike Guide During COVID19

Last weekend we went backpacking in Yosemite National Park, and we had a blast. This was my first time visiting Yosemite Valley, which I heard it is a zoo during regular hours. I wanted to provide tips and tricks how to access Yosemite National Park for a day-hike and backpacking. This is my day-use post.Continue reading “Yosemite National Park Day-Hike Guide During COVID19”

Pinnacles National Park: Day Hike (11 miles)

My goal is to hike once every week. On Monday, June 1st, went on a day hike and started around 8am since we camped there overnight. We chose this particular park since it was the only place nearby where we can camp overnight. “Since 1908, Pinnacles National Monument has increased in bits and pieces toContinue reading “Pinnacles National Park: Day Hike (11 miles)”

Jacks Peak Park: Day Hike (4 miles)

My goal is to hike once every week. On Sunday, June 21st, we visited Jack Peaks Park. It is the highest point on the Monterey Peninsula, rising 1,068 feet (325 m) about Monterey and Carmel. The park encompasses 525 acres under control of the Monterey County Parks Department. It is a 20-minute drive from Stephen’s parent’sContinue reading “Jacks Peak Park: Day Hike (4 miles)”

Henry Cowell: Day Hike (6 miles)

My goal is to hike once every week. On Sunday, June 14th, we visited Henry Cowell State Park, which is more than 4,650 acres of forested and open land in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It can be a 15-minute drive if we started hiking from the entrance closest to us, but we started from theContinue reading “Henry Cowell: Day Hike (6 miles)”

Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve: Day Hike (8.5 miles)

My goal is to hike once every week, and on Saturday, May 30th, I visited Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve and hiked their longest trail, which is 8.5 miles. Stephen has worked for Santa Clara Open Space Authority for over 1.5 years and worked at Sierra Vista for one year; therefore, it’s time to visit.Continue reading “Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve: Day Hike (8.5 miles)”

Big Basin State Park: Day Hike

My goal is to hike once every week, and this weekend we decided to visit Big Basin State Park, which is about 50 minutes from us, and in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It’s been since January 20109 since we had last visited, therefore it was time to visit again. It just openedContinue reading “Big Basin State Park: Day Hike”

Writers Block

It has been more challenging to find the words and strength to write my blog, educating and encouraging POC to go outside and unplug. As a result, I have been reflecting more and talking more to friends and family as outlets. We need to heal. It is crucial. Nature is one of the best placesContinue reading “Writers Block”

Diversify The Outdoors

One of the things I talk about before starting our adventure (hiking/camping) is diversity. To follow up, on our hikes/camping trips, we pay close attention to see if there is diversity amongst hikers at the park. We rarely see any of our black brothers and sisters, thankfully the Latinx community is making more appearances, butContinue reading “Diversify The Outdoors”