Thank you for visiting my website. It initially started due to the reduction of my full-time job work hours due to COVID-19 to 40 hours per month.. I wrote product reviews because it was free (I already owned the product) and easy to do. My reduced hours will continue for the entire year (40-60 hours per month), therefore I plan to use my free time blogging and updating my website.

It has morphed into something beautiful with the expansion of outdoor guides, which I am leaning towards the most in the summer, especially during this pandemic.

Like many, I was a hiker who took photos but posted them online with a quote. That’s it. That’s unfair. It has no value except bragging to people where you visited with a borrowed thought. You went outside for hours, and you can’t think of your own words for the caption? No tips or tricks? Anything?

I started my outdoor blog to provide novice hikers, which are predominantly BIPOC a headstart. I want to give them a strategy, mindset, and understanding of my thought process when I go hiking, camping, and backpacking. It’s like a sport, treat it like one. It’s not just a walk. Wear breathable clothing and shoes with traction. Do your research. Expect to fail and to practice, practice, practice until you become an expert.

I couldn’t be happier for what it is now, and it’s a bit overwhelming to do more than 1-2 posts per week. I pour quality work and thought into each post. FYI I studied advertising for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, which fall under the school of Communication. I’ve worked in advertising & marketing for 10+ years. Quality content is everything to me. I managed a non-profit advertising young professional organization in San Francisco as president for two years.

Note: I am not compensated for any blog posts or reviews.

I am a brand ambassador for Honey Stinger, Nuun, and Express. I worked events with Nuun. But I am compensated for these posts; neither this is something they enforce me.

Please reach out if you have any questions, feedback, or consultation. If you would like to donate money to keep this website going, don’t hesitate. I’m currently on unemployment, so it will encourage me to continue to educate others.

Name: Heather Diaz
Age: 32
Ethnicity: Latina, Mexican, Spanish
Height: 5’10
Athletic Shoe Size: 11

I’ve been an athlete since a kid (8), and I’ve been a gear snob since the early 2000s. I’d thought to bring my wealth of knowledge, and expertise for this niche audience that deserves attention and love.

Fun Fact:
I’ve through-hiked 2250+ miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017. I am more knowledgable about hiking, camping, and backpacking and the gear.

Current Favorite Activities:
Cycling (commute), Weightlifting, Hiking, Backpacking, and Camping

Favorite Past Activities:
Long-distance running. My knees don’t like me when I run 7+ miles anymore. I need ibuprofen to complete my run without pain. Thanks, 16-year-old Heather, who ran 40-50 miles a week on concrete with Nike Frees.

Education: Graduate education
University of Texas at Austin: Masters of Arts in Advertising under the school of Communication
University of Houston: Bachelors of Arts in Advertising under the school of Communication

Career: Digital Media Strategist
Ten+ year experienced advertising professional well-versed in communications, media management, strategy, and client services. With my expertise, I strive my best to keep all posts and reviews non-biased. I want to keep this page to be as authentic as possible.

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